Record sales and high level of earnings in the first nine months 2013

In the first nine months 2013 HAEMATO AG, Berlin (ISIN: DE0006190705), achieved IFRS Group sales of EUR 118.30 m (previous year: EUR 21.02 m) and earnings of EUR 6.15 m (previous year: EUR 6.73 m, thereof non-recurring profit from sales of property of EUR 6.77 m).

In the third quarter of 2013 the IFRS Group sales amounted to EUR 55.09 m and earnings reached EUR 2.38 m. Due to the full consolidation of the company, sales and earnings contributions of HAEMATO PHARM GmbH are included in the (second and) third quarter 2013.

As in the previous quarter, in the third quarter 2013 the annual sales run-rate of more than EUR 200 m was achieved. “The further development of the Pharma business is running successfully. On the basis of the visibility of the profit we can confirm the established dividend policy”, says Dr. Christian Pahl, Member of the Management Board of HAEMATO AG.


HAEMATO AG was founded in 1993 and is a stock exchange quoted pharmaceutical company. The company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the Entry Standard (Open Market) and is based in Schönefeld Germany.

The focus of the business activities lies on the growth markets of patent free and patent protected medicinal products. Focal points are therapies with cancer, HIV, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases.

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