2016: Preliminary IFRS results

2016: Temporary IFRS results, turnover increased by 20% to €275.6m, EBIT (operating result) increased by 63% to €13.4m; the annual net profit in-creased by 94% to €10.7m

In 2016, HAEMATO AG, Berlin (ISIN: DE0006190705), achieved an IFRS group turnover of €275.6m (previous year: €229.7m), an operating result (EBIT) of €13.4m (previous year: €8.2m), and an annual net profit of €10.7m (previous year: €5.5m). Due to the positive business performance and a reduction in loans and barrowings, the company ended 2016 with a net debt position of €16.3m (prior year: €31.4m) and liquid assets €9.8m (previous year: €2.4m) based on the preliminary results.

“In 2016, the HAEMATO Group achieved the highest turnover and profit in company history. This allows us to be optimistic regarding the further development in 2017. 

The results situation allows me to propose at the annual general meeting a dividend of €0.30 per share, which is the same amount as last year.

During the first eleven months of 2016, sales in the German pharmaceutical market grew by approx. 4.1%. However, selected preparation groups for cancer therapy grew by 17-22% in 2016. HAEMATO achieved 60% of its turnover in the field of oncology and is able to handle the special growth opportunities in these indications with chronic therapy well.

The demographic development is a key challenge facing the medical care industry. The ageing society in Germany (and throughout Western Europe) that is characterised by a structural shift towards more older and multi-morbid people – as well as the chronification of diseases caused by lifestyle and diet – forces health care policy to find sustainable solutions. In addi-tion to increasing income and medical progress, the ageing of the society is a main reason for the health expenditure increase. 

HAEMATO always strives to make a contribution towards keeping health care affordable,” states Dr Christian Pahl, CEO of HAEMATO AG.

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