The German population, similar to other Western European countries, is an ageing population. Hence treatments of cancer and other chronic diseases are becoming increasingly important. HAEMATO has focused on these niche areas by providing generics and innovative medications at lower costs. The market is steadily growing due to newly improved therapies using both innovative and established pharmaceuticals such as generics.

Long-term and sustainable

HAEMATO’s investments are long-term and sustainable. They are fundamentally aimed at a continuous development of its pharmaceutical portfolio achieving solid returns at low risk.

Continuous growth

An investment in HAEMATO is an investment in the growing segments of the German pharmaceutical market. The corporate strategy is barely susceptible to general economic or market fluctuations thus it can achieve high growth.


Die HAEMATO AG ist ein börsennotiertes pharmazeutisches Unternehmen mit Fo-kus auf die Wachstumsmärkte patentfreier und patentgeschützter Arzneimittel...


IFRS-Ergebnis Q1 2017, Umsatz 67,9 Mio. Euro (Vorjahresperiode: 67,9 Mio. Euro), EBIT 2,8 Mio. Euro (Vorjahresperiode: 3,5 Mio. Euro)...


2016: Vorläufiges IFRS-Ergebnis, Umsatzwachstum 20% auf 275,6 Mio. Euro, EBIT-Wachstum (operatives Ergebnis) 63% auf 13,4 Mio. Euro;...

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