High standards for more control

HAEMATO holds a manufacturing license as well as a whole sale dealers license and hence obides to the following laws:

  • the German pharmaceutical regulations
  • the complementary european pharmaceutical laws

As a pharmaceutical company, we are subject to the same laws and guidlines as the original manufacturers themselves concerning the distribution and transportation of pharmaceuticals.  

HAEMATO complies with the EU Good Manufacturing Practice Standards (GMP) and the norms of the German Pharmaceutical Law (AMG). Throughout the entire value-added-chain HAEMATO has established a quality management system that guarantees to meet the european GMP guidelines. This means:

  • Pharmaceuticals are being re-labeled or re-packed under a controlled Environment.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) ensure the correct process flow for production and accompanied documentation.
  • Our warehouses can only be entered by authorized personnel and are being temperature controlled and monitored at all time.
  • Labels and package leaflets are subject to requirments set by the German (BfArM) and European Medicines Agency (EMA).
  • The origin of every single pack is re-tracable to its original source.
  • Every pack that leaves our company is checked and released by a qualified person prior to its sale.
  • Certified logistical partners transport the pharmaceuticals to distributors and pharmacies while always complying to the needed temperature environment.

As every pharmaceutical compand, HAEMATO is inspected and audited by the national health authorities on a regular basis.

The coexistance between external and internal quality control, ensure the patient receives the qualitative highest products.




IFRS-Ergebnis Q1 2017, Umsatz 67,9 Mio. Euro (Vorjahresperiode: 67,9 Mio. Euro), EBIT 2,8 Mio. Euro (Vorjahresperiode: 3,5 Mio. Euro)...


2016: Vorläufiges IFRS-Ergebnis, Umsatzwachstum 20% auf 275,6 Mio. Euro, EBIT-Wachstum (operatives Ergebnis) 63% auf 13,4 Mio. Euro;...


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