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HAEMATO is a pharmaceutical company aiming to reduce the cost within the German healthcare system. Our company stands to provide pharmaceuticals for the care of chronically ill people. Since 2005 pharmacists and patients have been receiving high quality generics as well as parallel and reimports from HAEMATO.

HAEMATO is an established and listed company employing 170 employees in its Headquarters located in Schoenefeld, Brandenburg. Our continuing success has been achieved thanks to the competence and unique skills of our employees.

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IFRS-Ergebnis Q1 2017, Umsatz 67,9 Mio. Euro (Vorjahresperiode: 67,9 Mio. Euro), EBIT 2,8 Mio. Euro (Vorjahresperiode: 3,5 Mio. Euro)...


2016: Vorläufiges IFRS-Ergebnis, Umsatzwachstum 20% auf 275,6 Mio. Euro, EBIT-Wachstum (operatives Ergebnis) 63% auf 13,4 Mio. Euro;...


Wie lässt es sich mit 150.000 Euro sorgenfrei leben? Ganz einfach - auf die richtigen Aktien mit ordentlicher Dividendenrendite setzen. Die Experten...

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